Monday, July 27, 2009

Virginia Boy Does Good

After several months of speculation we finally see a formal announcement that Francis Collins has been nominated by the MIC to head the NIH. This has been rumored for some time now and the word on the street was that the delay in the announcement was due in part to his need for a little extra time to finish up his latest book and get it to the publisher before once again becoming a Federal employee.

As you might expect, the fact that Collins has no problem proclaiming that he is something as subversive as a "CHRISTIAN" is causing wailing and gnashing of teeth from the progressive libtards both in and out of the scientific community. I say TOUGH SHIT. I've had the honor of interacting with this guy back when he was still director of the NHGRI and based on his track record to date, I doubt you will see anything out of the ordinary; certainly nothing as ridiculous as Hansen getting arrested. How on earth does this guy keep his Federal job?

Cal Thomas does an excellent job of exposing the left's hypocrisy; go read it ! And another good read is Collins commencement address at Virginia in 2001.

If I were him I am not sure I would agree to serve under the MIC particularly with the likes of this zero, but I think the NIH will be well served to have Collins at the helm and I think he has the style and common sense not to let his faith affect the job at hand. God speed Francis !


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