Thursday, August 04, 2011

For Once They Acted Like They Had A Pair

From the most recent Wes Pruden commentary in the Wash Times:

"For once, the conservatives, both the tea party variety and the mainstream conservatives, didn’t buckle in the face of the media condescension that usually makes girlie men of Republicans in tight places. When girlie men get to Washington and see themselves surrounded on all sides by boogeymen of the left and under constant sniper fire from the pipsqueaks, they usually mistake the noise of pipsqueakery for the voice of the people who sent them to Congress. Buckling under pressure seemed the better part of what passes for valor in these parts."

But wait, there's more:

"President Obama arrived in Washington with schemes and dreams of blowing a bubble big enough to protect everyone from reality, whether they wanted to live in a bubble or not, but he didn’t understand that he was arriving just as the party was coming to its drunken conclusion. While Congress squirmed to an agreement on debt “relief,” trying to scratch as many itches as it could, Mr. Obama hid out at the White House, dreaming his dreamy dreams of ever-grander grandiloquence and desperate to stay out of the line of fire."

And the pure poetry:

"But this time, the Republicans and other conservatives did not flinch, their spines stiffened by courage taken from the teapot. Washington hasn’t seen a panic like this since Beauregard sent the Federal army scrambling back to Washington from Manassas battlefield in the summer of ‘61. This was the change we’ve been hoping for."

Hope and change in a magic tea party pot; Wes Pruden, the Washington Times, 2 August 2011


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