Thursday, September 06, 2007

News Wrap-Up

So it has been a busy couple of weeks with school starting back, trying to get into the fall routine, and the usual chores on the weekends. There has been a few interesting articles that I've kept in the archive for a quick post.

The first is by Ann Coulter describing how broken our immigration system is and how contrary to the popular libtard line there are many documented (no pun intended) instances of the banana boat people running amok. Poor Elvira Arellano; one down alright, but what we need now is to start filling C-5s with these people and getting them back to their place of origin.

The second involves our post-Katrina efforts in New Orleans. Any other part of the country would have been rebuilt by now (just look at how Florida has been hit over the last couple of decades). The problem with the "Chocolate-City" is that it was almost completely dysfunctional before the storm. We now learn that we have dumped the same amount of money into JUST ONE TOWN as was used to rebuild all of Europe under the Marshall plan following WWII. Gee, I wonder what the big difference there was? A dedicated work-force perhaps? People who had never known the concept of the welfare state and the libtard mind-set? If they would have followed my suggestion of leveling the place early on, building it up 50ft with fill, and expanding our refinery capacity, we would have $1.00/gal gas right now.

And the third involves the "Perky-One". So she had to actual go to theater to finally get it. Better ring the village bell because it looks like all is well in Iraq just because Katie is there and says so. Better late than never I guess. We can only hope there is a well placed IED with her name on it.


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Damn, man. Haven't checked up on you in a while. Glad to see you're posting again.




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