Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Document Dump at the CRU

Well, well, well, if the Pimp-and-Ho sting at various ACORN offices wasn't enough fun for several news cycles, we are now treated to a major act of stupidity over at the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of East Anglia University. Those who follow the AGW saga will recognize this as Britian's premier climate center that has been heavily involved with climate modeling for the IPCC. What was originally reported as a hack, and since confirmed by various state-controlled news sources, now seems to be an inadvertent document dump either intentionally by an insider or through gross stupidity. Interestingly, the way the email threads and documents are arrayed in the various files, it almost appears that the CRU was preparing internally for some type of British FOIA request.

It certainly is interesting reading. Here we have supposedly intelligent scientists suggesting to each other that certain email traffic should be deleted from their computers. Anyone with even a lick of common sense will know that deleting emails from your desk top machine does little good particularly in large organizations with multiple levels of network back up. And these are the climate modelers ?

What is being billed as "Climategate" now seems to encompass Barry's chief science czar John Holdren, oh this is going to be good !

Stand by as things get sorted out but at a minimum, and as if we didn't already know, the science is definitely not settled. Hey Al, you better call your agent and your broker !


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