Friday, November 11, 2011

So How's That GLB Thing Working Out For You?

Wow, what a week for Penn State. Looks like the freak show that academe has nurtured over the years through so-called diversity programs, speech codes, and an over abundance of gay-lesbian-bisexual (GLB) classes, clubs, degree programs, and other forms of disfunctionality has finally come back to roost so to speak. If you nurture this sort of disorientation, you eventually build a culture of acceptance, and accept it surely has. Decades of cover up by a too-big-to-fail athletic department has not only brought down the revered JoPa but has reached all the way to the President's House. Extraordinary!

So PS has a real fix on its hands now. The Michael Mann controversy will surely pale in comparison. If the NCAA has any balls, they'll shut down their entire athletic program for years. If the PS alumni have any scruples they'll vote with their check books. Once the criminal trials are complete, look for a whole host of civil cases. This will be interesting to watch.


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