Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gotta Love this Change!

Very interesting goings on this week as we watch the Obamassiah put together his transition team. For someone who campaigned on Change! and pledged to distance himself from the usual beltway crowd, we are seeing a lot of warmed-over Clintonistas being mentioned or appointed. Are you ready for Sec State HRC, or as Leno said last night "The White Rice"?

All of this is to be expected because the clueless in this country voted-in a president who has absolutely no administrative knowledge or experience. Except for an odd teaching job he has no real-world work experience either. And unlike a battle-tested state governor or previous vice president both of which would have extensive personal and administrative staffs to bring with them to DC, this clown is starting from ground zero. And of course the big problem is that there are not all that many moderate democrats out there to choose from so obviously he will need to dip into the Clinton cess-pool so his cabinet and executive staffs don't end up looking like the bar sceen from Star Wars.

And finally, Steve Maloy gives us some insight on a short-term Green strategy for 2009: "The Greens plan to make an all-out push for their agenda in 2009, knowing that 2010 is an election year in which politicians, even Democrats, get cautious and avoid radical legislation. Since anything could happen in 2010 -- including the election of a Republican-controlled Congress -- the Greens have no choice but to grab what they can, while they can." (Steve Maloy, 11/13/2008;


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