Sunday, January 11, 2009

Coulter on Obamamania

I've been amused by the free-ride the drive-by-media gave to the Obamessiah. But who could be surprised by any of this nitwittery. Just look at how Scientific American tried to put Al Gore in the same league as Niels Bohr, Francis Crick, and Stephen Hawkin back in 1998.

Here is an excerpt from Ann Coulter on the media free-pass of the Anointed One:

"When the Obama family materialized, the media was seized by a mass psychosis that hadn't been witnessed since Beatlemania. OK! magazine raved that the Obamas "are such an all-American family that they almost make the Brady Bunch look dysfunctional." Yes, who can forget the madcap episode when the Bradys' wacky preacher tells them the government created AIDS to kill blacks! Still gushing, OK! magazine's crack journalists reported: "Mom goes to bake sales, dad balances the checkbook, and the girls love Harry Potter" -- and then the whole family goes to a racist huckster who shouts, "God damn America!" Months before network anchors were interrogating vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on the intricacies of foreign policy, here is how NBC's Brian Williams mercilessly grilled presidential candidate Barack Obama: "What was it like for you last night, the part we couldn't see, the flight to St. Paul with your wife, knowing what was awaiting?" Twisting the knife he had just plunged into Obama, Williams followed up with what has come to be known as a "gotcha" question: "And you had to be thinking of your mother and your father." Sarah Palin was memorizing the last six kings of Swaziland for her media interviews, but Obama only needed to say something nice about his parents to be considered presidential material. " Ann; 1/7/2009.

It would be completely hilarious if only it were not so serious. Never mind the fact that I'll probably be working until I am 85. My real concern now is for my children and the twisted society they will inherit.


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