Monday, January 19, 2009

Those Wonderful Stem Cells Will Save Us

Well folks it is now one Earth day and counting here in the land of the STUPID before the O-man is sworn in as president. Look for major medical advances and new cures to be announced tomorrow (1/20/2009) as the Bush Stem Cell ban will most likely be overturned and recipients of Federal grants and contracts will be free to once again work with human embryos purely for the purpose of deriving embryonic stem cell lines. If you have followed the MSM over the last eight years you would be led to believe that the evil Bush-Cheney machine has been keeping all of that technology suppressed for Halliburton or something.

Never mind the fact that private industry was never under any restrictions assuming they were not using Federal funds, and if an academic researcher suddenly had some major discovery or technical advance to report in the field they could easily be contracted by industry to carry on with private money or better yet join the ranks of Pharma R&D workers where the rewards are great but the job security isn't. As we all know, Academia has such a wonderful track record of bringing new therapies to market.

So........with the Pharma regulatory environment getting more difficult all the time can anyone show me the specs or guidances for a cGMP batch of human embryonic stem cells?


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