Saturday, January 21, 2012

Worst Come Back Song Ever?

Having rocked out to Van Halen all through college and grad school, I pretty much gave up on the band ever making a come back especially during the on-again off-again reunion announcements of the late 90s -- early 2000s. It really got annoying and I finally just went back to listening to the old stuff figuring that was going to be it for my lifetime.

I enjoyed both flavors of the band, the David Lee Roth variety and Sammy Hagar as lead. Having the constant of Michael Anthony's driving bass and back-up voice gave a certain amount of continuity that allowed both the DLR and SH sounds to come through and establish themselves.

You can imagine the excitement of finally seeing them back together for the "A Different Kind of Truth" release in 2012. But what on earth were they thinking with putting out "Tattoo" as the opener? I have to admit, the tune does grow on you after listening to it a few times but is this really the right debut song for such a big event? We can only hope this is designed to just be a tickler and the rest of the album is worthy of the Van Halen name. At least the titles seem to suggest that this might be the case. Is there method to the madness?


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