Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Nation Is Ready To Be Smart Again ????

Will someone PLEASE just shoot me now and get it over with ? I really can't stand another Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) article from some libtard moonbat. Today's installment comes to us from one Robyn (cute spelling) Blumner over at the St. Petersburg (no not that one; Florida) Times. It appeared in my local rag this morning under a completely different title which to me seems a bit odd by itself but then again this is the MSM. Let's see; you are a hard-working columnist and you go to all of the trouble to write an article. It then goes out on the wire and any rag in the nation can pick it up and add whatever title is useful (in this case to once again bash the President) for their local purposes. Sort of like writing a book with a blank cover and letting your local Borders add the title. It appears that her original title is: "Our nation is ready to be smart again". Such eloquence !

Basically it looks like "Ms ?" Blumner is a bit taken aback by Bush's recent farewell interviews. Seems to her that he is trying to boastfully re-write history a bit to make his administration look better than it really was. I for one will leave that to history to decide although I must agree that he could have done a lot more talking and explaining during his time in office. However, anyone with only a passing interest would realize (assuming they took the time to listen to his other interviews and speeches) that government by focus group (read Clintonian) just wasn't his style. We saw this in the elder Bush too but his communications staff was a bit more on the ball overall.

Once Blumner gets over her BDS rant (taking nearly half the article by the way), she gets to her point that Bush's policies have put us into a state of "suspended animation" and "lack of interest in pushing America toward innovation". Wow, if that is the case, then I wonder how things could be so bad that we can afford to spend $170 Million on the Obamessiah's inauguration ? This is classic socialist world-view. Does the word "capitalism" and "free-market economy" mean anything to you Ms Blumner? Just taking the Pharma industry for example, I haven't seen any signs of lack of innovation.

The real whopper of a laugh comes almost at the end of the article when she quotes that great congressional intellect Nancy Pelosi:

"So when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tells NPR that the coming economic stimulus plan can be described in four words — "science, science, science and science" — she is expressing a great pent-up demand for America to start being smart again and energetic and start fixing problems rather than creating them, with government as a partner. "

Yes, right Ms Blumner, lets look to Capitol Hill for answers. The same nitwits that legislated us into the sub-prime mortgage mess in the first place. At least President Bush can take comfort knowing that there are still enough citizens out there with the good sense to give Congress the approval rating they deserve which consistently have been lower than his own.

And if we as a Nation are so smart, one has to wonder just how we would go and elect one of the most inexperienced presidents to office in one of the most turbulent and dangerous times in our history. Is it really that hard getting over the 2000 election?


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