Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hail to the Mulatto-In-Chief

I normally would not stoop to the level of a street urchin and ACTUALLY call our new president a "mulatto-in-chief" but what the hell. Biologically it is a correct definition and in the spirit of hyphenated Americanism (assuming african-American and mulatto-American are synonymous?) and in the spirit of the street antics of the great unwashed demonstrated today as our exiting President reached the inaugural stage, it seems fitting that "mulatto-in-chief" (MIC) be forever synonymous with "Obamessiah" in all future postings of Social Detritus. But then that's what we are all about here; social "detritus".

The Rott hits it right on the head today and I can't help but reprint this tidbit. Go there and read the whole thing:

......"We survived wars because the enemy was not of us, but from foreign roots. This time, the scenario is deceitful, as the enemy is our own countrymen that have decided that life can be easier if we chose to delegate and rescind our individual responsibilities, suborning them to a faceless collectivism of socialist government. “Hope and Change” is not the battle cry of a nation, but the whimper of a society, that has grown decadent, lazy and complacent and only wishes “Bread and Circuses” and satellite TV. In a few hours from now, we will have our “Bread and Circuses”, to our own demise as free individuals. America, you have chosen to follow the path of the Roman Empire, totally ignorant of the circumstances of it’s demise. Our only hope is to stand together against the tyranny of the ignorant masses, and carry on what we ALL know is the vision of the founders, who selflessly gave their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to ensure those unalienable rights, G-d given, would not and could not be taken away from America."........



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