Thursday, February 05, 2009

So What's in it for the Rest of Us?

The last few days have been great fun watching the debates on the bail-out plan and the MIC's failed choices for cabinet posts. Pretty much what one would expect when you take a junior senator with NO real experience (legislative or otherwise) and drop him in the Oval Office.

The libtards always claim that the "rich" don't pay their share of income tax. Well, Daschle made over $5M last year, is one of them, and didn't even have the brains to hire a decent tax accountant.

My question is: what about the rest of us? You know, those of us who have always paid our bills (and taxes) on time, bought sensible cars and houses, kept our credit ratings in the "excellent" range? Those of us who worked our butts off in college and grad school living for eight or more years below the poverty line to finally get to a comfortable lifestyle and raise a family. What do we get, other than having to pay for the lard-asses in their Escalades driving back to their McMansions they bought on an ARM?


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