Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mobility Restored

It has been a long two months, but I am finally able to get around and do things even though my ankle still looks like one of my kids first grade pottery projects from art class. I can finally walk normally, and when I am at the office on solid level ground, I can even take off the brace. Working in the yard and hiking with high-top boots also works since they give support in place of the brace. I've been trying to get out on the bike a few times a week since that is fairly painless too. The big event came last night when I went for a short run in the neighborhood. The first time since March 11. It was a bit painful at first, but bearable and it didn't swell afterwards.

Our local scout council had its spring camporee at Fort Richie Maryland this past weekend. This old base closed about ten years ago and has gone the way of many bases put down by BRAC. Fortunately for this one, about half of the buildings are on the historic registry so it will be interesting to see how the private developers ultimately carve-up the place. Luckily for the scouts (and leaders too) is that the old rappelling tower is still functional and we took full advantage of it. I was a bit leary at first, and I am sure my orthopedic guy would have had a cow, but I got in line, took the instruction (excellently done even by scouting standards) and climbed to the top. Wow sixty feet is a lot higher looking when you get up there. And by that point with one's scouts looking on from below, you can't just back out. So over the side I went. Like everyone said, that first step is the hardest. Once you are on the side planks and have the classic L-shape, it is a piece of cake. Like just about every other leader there, I bombed on the first step (the only part that hurt my ankle). But once I got my feet back under me (and not over my head), it was a blast. I even went for a second time thinking I could recover some dignity and get the first step right. No dice. It was a repeat performance.

I've often wanted to do a little rock climbing but figured I would wait until the boys get older so we could do it together. It looks like the time has come.