Saturday, April 02, 2011

All Is Well on the Libtard Front !

There are no doubt days when the moonbats can get you down and you have to wonder if there really is any hope for the Republic. I normally have these thoughts in the late evening as I watch my children sleep; wondering what kind of world we will be leaving for them.

A then comes along a "mother-of-all-moonbats", in this case Indiana Rep. Dave Cheatham, and I have to smile and get that warm feeling up my leg (Chris Matthews-like), and I know that all will end up being well. Let’s see; take a libtard state rep shirking his responsibilities and equate that action to that of a US soldier serving in harms way in Afghanistan.

Eventually the useful idiots will have to reach a point of critical mass and at that point the system must reset itself. I can only hope we survive the process……………………..

Thanks to B5 for an excellent post.