Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The She-Devil Strikes Again

I still need to find a way to have a couple of beers with this woman.

The Wetback MO

So we've heard the reports before; the 7th Century Cave Dweller Crowd is using our porous borders to bring in operatives because the average Fat-and-Stupid American Joe on the street can't recognize the difference between the well-tanned dark-haired central american banana boat stow-away and the run-of-the-mill Jihadist. Go figure!

I keep a pretty close eye on the alien crowd during my daily commute from the far-west burbs down through the People's Republic of Montgomery County Maryland. I speak neither spanish nor any of the central asian languages. But for all of the TV we watch in this country not to mention that every label, sign, and product instruction sheet is written in at least three foreign languages (one of which is always spanish), I can bet that even our best trailer-park inhabitants could recognize the difference between Fernando the landscaper and Mumad the suicide bomber.

If the language thing proves to be too much, just pay close attention to appearances. The banana boat crowd are generally here either to work, procreate, or figure a way to have grandma and the cousins shipped over. The average day is hard on these folks. They are dressed for work and usually bear signs of having done so. Most of these guys are short, slightly obese, and bear facial features of their endogenous native ancestry. Their names may be spanish, but not unlike the Filipino, there is little genetic similarity to the conquistador.

Now the central asian crowd are generally taller, leaner, and not accustomed to hard labor. The tough part would be telling these guys apart from the indians and pakistanis of which we seem to have quite a few in suburban Maryland. This is where the trouble could start.

Spoon-fed Morons

........."If Washington were a conventional great power, the intellectual class would be arguing that the United States is a threat to France or India or Chad or some such. But because it's the world's first nonimperial superpower the world has had to concoct a thesis that America is a threat not merely to this or that nation state but to the entire planet, and not because of conventional great-power designs but because – even scarier – of its "consumption," its very way of life. Those Cokes and cheeseburgers detested by discriminating London novelists are devastating the planet in ways that straightforward genocidal conquerors like Hitler and Stalin could only have dreamed of. The construct of this fantasy is very revealing about how unthreatening America is.".......... Mark Steyn, 8/12/2007

I really love commentary that sums it all up in one simple piece.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Let It Be Done

So it looks like someone in the press finally came out in print with what I have been saying since 2004. We are surrounded by idiots and the only thing that will bring this country to its senses is another round of the fun-and-games we experienced that crisp fall day in September 2001.

So what will it be this time? A small nuke in Arlington, a dirty bomb in Chicago? Perhaps the Threat Reduction Agency hasn't managed to round-up all those old freezer vials of smallpox stashed around the former eastern bloc. Or will we just continue to stuff ourselves, grow more obese, and wait for the suicide bombers to arrive at the thousands of soft targets we have around the country? In my travels down to ground zero every day I almost feel like I should just go ahead and put a target on my back.

On top of all of this, we will have to endure a couple of years of watching the libtards and moon bats eat their young. Oh won't that be fun. Pruden had a nice piece out today on Campaign Insanity and how Newt is one of the few making any intellectual sense. I would love to see Newt team up with John Bolton for the "common sense" ticket.