Sunday, December 07, 2008


"After the most recent presidential election, when, as
you may recall, our once great nation exposed its
collective flank -- unmitigated ignorance -- to the
world, a reputable pollster, John Zogby, endeavored
to determine how 66 million of us could be so profoundly
stupid. We reported his findings in our "Non Compos Mentis"
section two weeks ago, including, for example,
that 56.1 percent of Obama supporters did not know
his political career was launched by two former
terrorists from the Weather Underground; that 57
percent did not know which political party controlled
congress; that 72 percent did not know Joe
Biden withdrew from a previous presidential campaign
because of plagiarism in law school; and that
87 percent thought Sarah Palin said she could "see
Russia from my house," even though that was "Saturday
Night Live" comedian Tina Fey in a parody of
Mark Alexander, Stupid is as Stupid Does, The Patriot Post, 12/5/2008.