Saturday, October 25, 2008

Need I say More...........

"A newcomer to national politics, he claimed to transcend partisan labels. He moved to the center during the campaign, at a time when the Democrats held large congressional majorities. In a troubled economy, he told voters he would keep taxes down for most Americans, limit spending, and balance the budget, all while implementing ambitious social programs. He planned to cut military spending to free money for other purposes, but assured moderates and conservatives that when it came to America’s enemies, he would be tougher than the Republicans. The media, droves of moderates, and some conservatives believed him, having pegged him as a man of character [emphasis added]

His name was Jimmy Carter, the year was 1976, and he won." National Review Online, October 24, 2008.

HT to "The Other Side".

I still can't believe the Billary machine rolled so easily on this one.